The Loxone 360-degree smart home solution

Lighting, smart blinds, zoned heating, energy management, access control, multiroom audio, safety and security, and much more – we approach smart home automation in a holistic way with an extensive range of high-quality products developed in-house.

Our claim: in a Loxone Smart Home, all products and functions are perfectly coordinated. We believe this is the only way to achieve the true potential of modern home automation.

We also design and supply Loxone smart home systems for commercial and industrial settings.

Smart home

Loxone Products

  • Miniservers

  • Audioserver

  • Intercom

  • Energy Management

  • Software

  • Loxone Ready

  • Multiroom Audio

  • Access Control

  • Blind Control

  • Energy Management

  • Software

  • Loxone Ready

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